Senja exposes her project “Slow Growth” in Alva Gallery in Umeå, Sweden.


Senja exposes her project in collaboration with Sabine Molenaar in the exhibition “Try-Out” in C-TACT, Dommelhof, BE.Link to event


Senja exposes her project “Birch Tree” in the exhibition “Memories for the Future” in Kasteel der Beken, Gent, BE.  

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Senja exposed her book “Birch Tree” to the public during the graduation show EXit in cmine Genk.

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Senja’s master project “Birch Tree” was nominated for the Wanatoe award. She was selected with 10 other graduating art students as the best artists and projects of 2021.
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Senja is presenting her recent project “As Within So Without” in the exhibition “Complex Nature” on the 5th of June till the 13th of June 2021 in Z33 Hasselt Belgium. Link to event 


Senja Vasunta Penttilä is in residency in the Kilpisjärvi Biology Station from the 5th of April till the 23rd of April. This is in collaboration with Rozan Van Klaveren, Ars Bioartica and Helsinki University. Here she is working on her latest project in the Malla Nature reserve.

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