The Topics

The topics that Senja mainly focuses on is philosophy, psychology and photographic journalism. She explores her own mind and creates intricate images which express certain emotions that she has experienced throughout her life. 

The Techniques

Senja experiments with destroying film (experimenting with colour, seeing which substances have what effect on film and seeing how she can distort her images and printing techniques such as solarization (inspired by Man Ray), cyanotype and organic printing techniques. Once she has created the desired images for her project, she builds an installation around her photographic work to create the world in which the project lives in. With installations, she expresses emotions and visuals that she experiences with the images she has created. The viewer steps into the world that Senja lives in and feels the emotions that Senja has experienced.

Senja is specialised in analouge techniques such as film and paper development. She travels with her film developing kit and usually develops on-site.

Senja’s Biography 

Born in 1996, Senja has been traveling the world from a young age. Her father’s career as an world-known engineer has given her and her family the opportunity to move across the globe, staying no longer than 6 years in one location. When Senja turned 18, she had already lived in a numerous amount of countries spread over 3 continents. This amount of change and experiencing different cultures, has made her turn to different mediums to express the emotions that she experienced. These events triggered the first spark for her contemporary art practice that she practices to this day.

In 2021 she recieved her masters degree in photography and visual design and later that year she moved to northern Sweden. She started her next maters in Fine Arts at the Fine Arts academy in Umeå and will obtain her next masters in 2025. Senja’s art practice mainly involves autobiographic research, but also visualises the concepts of time, emotions and memories.


Curriculum Vitae


2023 Academy of Fine Arts Umeå, SWE.  Fine Arts, Masters degree (Current studies)

2021 LUCA School of Arts Genk, BE. Photography and Visual Design

Masters degree

2020 LUCA School of Arts Genk BE. Photography and Visual Design

Bachelors Degree

2014 Kunsthumaniora PIKOH Hasselt BE. Direction AO Highschool Diploma

Workshops / In residencies

2023 - Master Crits - Jan Verwoert 

2023 - Ars Bioartica, Kilpisjärvi Biology Center  

2021 - Ars Bioartica, Kilpisjärvi Biology Center

2020 - Visual Vanity workshop - Sarah & Charles

2019 - Alge workshop - Kristof Vranken

2018 - Visual Storytelling workshop - Jan Rosseel

2017 - Cinematic Street workshop - Bas Losekoot


2022 - Try-Out, C-TACT Dommelhof; BE

2021 - Memories of the Future, Gent; BE 

2021 - Complex Nature, Hasselt; BE

2021 - De Belichaming van het Kunstobject, Hasselt; BE

2021 - EXPOsed - Graduation Show, Genk; BE

2020 - Picture Paralyse, in collaboration with Julie Van Der Vaart, The School; Hasselt; BE  

2019 - FiNiX, Squatted building Hasselt; BE

2019 - Kabaal, The School Hasselt; BE

Published Work

2021 - Het Belang van Limburg; Birch Tree

2021 - Complex Nature, 3 Performance Videos

2020 - ISSU LUCA C-Mine Photography: NaCIO Book

2020 - ISSU The School: 64 Magazine

2020 - LUCA School of Arts Magazine

2020 - Royal Academy of Fine Arts London: Algaetype Photography

2019 - Rock Herk: Concert Photographer

2018 - Genk on stage: Concert Photographer

Guest Lectures

2021 - Guest lecture in self portrait photography and analoge photography to Helsinki University Master Class